martedì 31 gennaio 2012

THE GOVERNMENT OF MISERY Taxes, Taxi drivers and

Some believe that the mysterious "phase two", that of the growth, stems from a few undisputable and reliable liberalism variables, which have been tailor-made for this old and lazy country.
Taxes: awkward word, non-religious blasphemy, especially in a country where services and rights are slowly eroded by the increasingly restricted privileges of a few untouchables. In the beginning was a brilliant Bersani, left-winged liberalizer, or better, sinister liberalizer. The right-wing liberal government with its harem has had other thoughts in about 18 years of government. It’s the left’s turn to make things uncomfortable and the rebels must be kept under control by a “technician” and its operating team. The pitiful doctor produces a wormy plague: this will justify the sacrifices of others.
Meanwhile the emblazoned press, one that does not suffer from cleavers designed to decapitate the dissident voices, groans and complains for the fomenting trouble in the cities, due to protests by taxi drivers, whose expensive licenses, with the liberalization of the study, will undergo a "depreciation", becoming like toilet paper. But on the other hand, why not start from the "Taxidrivers”; it must certainly be an easy and privileged profession: you socialize, you meet nice people, if a thug climbs in your car to steal your rich daily income, the police will catch him in the blink of an eye, petrol or diesel do not cost that much and our city streets are so nice to drive that eight hours a day of driving is almost like a relaxing massage. When the lords of the steering wheel finally arrive home, they must not forget that this year they will have to pay the heavy tax on their property, called ICI or IMU, it doesn’t matter, "Europe asks us for rigour." Life can’t always be flowery and pink and someone will have to sacrifice himself.

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