martedì 31 gennaio 2012


The exporters of democracy made a disgusting show of themeselves, by urinating on the bodies of the Taliban killed in battle (N.B. High-tech helicopter gunships against rifles and machineguns); all of this was shot by a fellow soldier, who might share the "victorious" pictures on Facebook, with the families of these star&striped “heroes”. It’s also hard to call these mercenaries, soldiers. These men who, in order to buy a little house in Kentucky, are willing to travel abroad, loaded with hate, destroying a nation and a culture, and all at the servile service of some rich cliques.
As filthy as their unnecessary war, is the presidential election campaign, in which nothing changes and nothing will change. They can change the President’s colour, returning to white, if fashionable, but the alternative is always the same, fake, illusory. It’s like drinking a Coke or a Pepsi, but does it really change things? And, of course, it took us a while to copy this fake bipartisanship, thanks to pro-American, former communists, renouncing their past and now becoming confident Kennedy worshipers. We must be lumbered with this bipolar way here too, as has been confirmed to our little nation by the highest constitutional body, ignoring a few million hopeful petitions. A few drops of urine will also fall on the heads of these millions of fellow petitioners, promoters, with their civil rights still intact, but in the end you get used to everything. The shock must go on!

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