venerdì 7 gennaio 2011


Aneta Chabibulina's art piece Matrios-Cash

Eastern beauty offering her special services for very generous men! Only platinum cards accepted ;-)

In Matrios-Cash it is expressed the social habit of the recent years (but at the same time the oldest business of the world) that has increased dramatically in the modern society. What was considered unethical just few years ago and a “business for few brave female professionals” it is now overflowing along the western and eastern society, with an amplified magnitude in the last one due also to the beauty of these inhabitants and the wealth of the oligarchs in a twisting game between demand and supply of bodies and appearance.

The money machine accepts payments only if made with Platinum credit cards, as to lubricate the fake love. Instead of a vagina where the life comes from there is a card reader that gives birth to temporary wealth.

In a plastic positioning on the image, mirroring the Egon Schiele style, there is also a metaphoric space of the women, choosing to offer themselves in the western model market (aggressive capitalism) of the young flesh.

Lenin’s great granddaughters still like to wear the red colour but with another meaning, most probably to make the western bulls horny and ready to pay.

While Botticelli’s Venus was born from the seashell, this modern carriers of venereal sicknesses come out from the old Matrioshka.

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