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Idle rich education - places of worship

Allegedly the best college on Earth is Oxford University. Most of the present UK cabinet members are venitists from Oxford: David Cameron, Theresa May, George Osborne, William Hague, Michael Gove, Chris Huhne, Danny Alexander, Dominic Grieve, Jeremy Hunt, Philip Hammond, David Willetts, George Young.

Oxford's entering class includes most graduates of Eton. Venitis declares Eton is the best high-school on Earth, a paradigm for all schools to follow. Eton, is a British private lyceum for boys. All students board. It was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI. Eton has a very long list of distinguished alumni, including twenty former prime ministers. Traditionally, Eton is the chief nurse of England's statesmen and the most famous school in the world. No other school can claim to have sent forth such a brigade of distinguished figures to make their mark on the world. Etonians include Premier David Cameron of UK and Mayor Boris Johnson of London.

Oxford University has just received a pledge of a hundred million euros from Leonard Blavatnik, a Russian-American industrialist, to develop a new school of government,the Blavatnik School. President Bill Clinton, an Oxford alumnus, points out Oxford's reputation as an international powerhouse of research will help students and the global community to better understand not just politics and economics, but also public health, environmental science, development, genetics, and the humanities.

Students go to prestigious institutions because these schools have great reputations, which, in turn, allows students to get the best jobs. In other words, students who go to elite institutions want the faculty to concentrate on research and raising funds because that is how universities get the best reputations. Therefore, what students are purchasing is not an education, but prestige and reputation. Nevertheless, parents, students, and taxpayers should know where their money is actually going, and everyone should be concerned about the quality of education. If students at elite institutions do not get an effective education, but they do get to purchase prestige, our society will produce leaders, workers, and citizens who lack the basic skills and knowledge to be effective inside and outside of the workplace.

Ivory Tower is considered a convivial refuge of drones from the corporate world, a place where eggheads have ample time to debate ideas, often during lunch or over drinks after class. Professors, particularly those at research universities, are simply working much less and much easier these days. They do not have to compete for easy grant money, cheating like hell, recycling garbage research, turning out less articles and books, coping with the speedup in communications afforded by better technology, and junketing the globe to establish the kind of international reputation that's now necessary to thrive.

Public colleges are frauds. Many administrators rob the funds, many professors trade grades for kickbacks and sex, and most students dumb down! Anyone who wants to learn anything can do it much better on the Internet, without retreating to fraudulent concentration camps, called campuses. Allons enfants de la Patrie! It is high time to close colleges and prosecute State rectors under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act(RICO). The acronym was selected from the movie Little Caesar, which featured a notorious young gangster named Rico. Well, now is the time for RICO to go to college! Colleges have little value, and their graduates cannot find jobs. They are an embarrassment to education. Sending a child to a university is irresponsible. Total college education, direct and indirect, including bygone salaries, costs around 200,000 euros. That money would bring higher reward-to-risk ratio in any other investment.

It's very embarrassing that 70% of college students cheat at least once. There are large disparities between different schools, depending on the size, selectivity, and anticheating policies of the school. Generally, the smaller and more selective the college, the less cheating occurs there. For instance, the number of students who have engaged in academic dishonesty at small elite private colleges can be as low as 15%, while cheating at large public universities can be as high as 75%. Students who attend a school with an honor code are less likely to cheat than students at schools with other ways of enforcing academic integrity. As for graduate education, 56% of MBA students admit cheating, along with 54% of graduate students in engineering, 48% in education, and 45% in law.

Most top presidents and self-made billionaires dropped out of high school or college! The list includes Bill Gates(Microsoft), Larry Page(Google), Michael Dell(Dell), David Geffen(Geffen Records), Steve Jobs(Apple), Richard Branson(Virgin), Ralph Lauren(Ralph Lauren), Jerry Yang(Yahoo) and Zuckerberg(Facebook). Zuckerberg and Gates went to Harvard. Page and Yang both attended Stanford. Jobs only completed one semester at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Dell left the University of Texas at 19. Geffen dropped out of three universities before launching his record label. Lauren went to Baruch College in New York City, but left after two years. Branson, a mild dyslexic, never made it out of high school. Ford Motors founder, Henry Ford, never had any formal education, outside his training as a machinist.


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